Frequently asked questions

  • International Marine Regulation stipulates that once a vessel carries more than 12 passengers, even if the vessel is a privately owned yacht, it is considered a passenger ship and has to comply with SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) convention established by IMO (International Maritime Organization). SOLAS Compliance Standard is extremely expensive for the vessel owner unless they built a yacht specifically for charters to 12 or more guests. These yachts are build more like cruise ships and offer less luxury than smaller vessels for under-12 guests.

  • A yacht broker from a top yacht brokerage firm like Edmiston, Burgess, Merle Wood & Associates or similar will process the charter for you.

  • 7 days. If you want to charter a yacht for fewer than 7 days there will be less options as fewer yacht owners will agree to that. Not to worry, though. YachtHotel will take care of you and find you the options you desire.

  • Just like with a hotel reservation – if you haven’t confirmed the booking it’s available to others. The booking is considered confirmed upon the sining of MYBA contract with all specified terms and conditions. The contract is a standard used by most yachts charters in the world. Our yacht broker will assist you and explain you the details of the contract.

  • 50% of total charter fee is payable by bank transfer upon the signing of Charter Agreements. This confirms your booking. The remaining 50%, APA, taxes and delivery/redelivery fees (if applicable) together with any other additional agreed upon charges are due 5 weeks in advance of the first day of your charter by bank transfer.

  • Charter fee, APA, VAT taxes and possibly delivery/redelivery fees.

  • The cost of hire of yacht and the crew only. The crew tip is not included. The cost of fuel, dockage, food and drinks are covered by the APA which is paid by the charterer at the time of the confirmation of your charter.

  • The charter fee covers only the hire of the vessel and the crew, while all other expenses are additional to the charter fee. The total of these expenses are covered by Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA). APA is usually 30% of the charter fee while sometime it may be 35% if the yacht burns more fuel or if you intend to do more than about 4 hours of cruising per day.

    APA covers the cost of fuel, food, wines and liquors, package, communications etc. Upon completion of your charter whatever amount is left of APA will be returned to you and likewise should expenses exceed APA (more fuel, rare liquors, etc.) you agree to reimburse the vessel at the time of your departure.

  • VАТ amount varies depending on the specific area where the charter is going to cruise and where the embankment and disembarkment takes place. Most popular charter locations in the Mediterranean Sea, such as South of France, Italy and Spain will automatically add VAT to the price. VAT ranges from 10% to 22% of charter rate. One of the VAT-free location in the Mediterranean is Montenegro. EU changes yacht charter regulations all the time so you will know the exact VAT amount upon confirmation of the itinerary. If you prefer VAT-free locations – charter in the Caribbean. The rates and taxes are generally lower.

  • Standard is 10% of charter rate, while based on the service you are welcome to adjust for more or less.

  • Bank Transfer is a standard.

  • Yes

  • Yes. Our broker will be in touch and will create customized menu to make your sail culinarily unforgettable. The sky is the limit here…

  • Email or call us. We are here to make your charter the easiest cyber-shopping you have ever done for the best price in the world.